About us


Man2Max is a contemporary design lighting company which turns ideas into a bright reality. We are committed to provide the world endless possibilities of modern designs and new concepts. Innovation and creativity is what drives us forward and stay ahead. Man2Max first started about 5 years ago when resources were extremely limited. Thousands of hours of hard work were put in to this project and results weren’t immediate. We believe in our ideas and products and work even harder to overcome many obstacles and challenges. From ideas to drawing board to production, we take every detail very seriously and continue to improve. Before we know it, people are beginning to like our concepts and love our products. Today, we have over 300 different designs and numbers are growing daily. We revolutionized how people look at LED lights how they use it to make a greener world.


We hope to make the world a better place to live with less energy consumption and waste of materials. That is why we choose SMD LED as our light source for its long lasting property. Man2Max is a highly creative company and we only produce products that no other can produce. All of our lamps have a touching story and positive theme. We want our products to brighten your world and warm your heart.

Awards and Exhibitions

◎2013 Golden Pin Design Award
◎2013 Maison&Objet Pairs